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Community Hall


Chair: Kim Mercer,

Secretary: Sarah Betts

Treasurer: Jill Hollis,, 01225 892281

Bookings: Anna,, 07908119525


To find out more and to enquire about booking the hall, click here



North Wraxall Pre-School

Go to the Pre-School's website to find out more:

Chair: Tina Lang,



St James Church

Revd Gillian Parkin (Asst. Curate) - 01249 782704


Church Warden - Anne Godwin, 01225 891237

Read more about St James Church here



Clubs & Societies

To find out more about the various clubs and societies and who to contact, click here



Take Five newsletter



Parish Councillors

North Wraxall – Anne Godwin 01225 891237

Upper Wraxall – Mike Horrocks-Taylor 01225 891514

Upper Wraxall – Lesley Barnes 01225 891716 

Ford – William Holder 01249 783123;  Jane King 01249 782231;  Scott Williams 01249 783232

The Shoe – Robert Dicks (Chair) 01225 891559


For more information, contact Glenys Gill -

Read more about the Parish Council



Neighbourhood watch

Parish Co-ordinator, Scott Williams - 01249 783232

Mountain Bower, Sue Goodson - 01225 891616

The Shoe, Robert Dicks - 01225 891559

Upper Wraxall, Margaret Townsend – 01225 891311  




Much of the photography on the North Wraxall Parish website has been kindly donated by Michael Holman of Red Forge Studios and Jennie Hart.


Michael Holmen -

Jennie Hart -



The North Wraxall Parish website is designed to complement the bi-monthly Take Five newsletter. Both media will be used to promote forthcoming Parish-wide events and contacts and while the website will provide general Parish information, Take Five carries forthcoming dates for clubs, societies, regular event meetings, church services. It also reports events, Parish Council meeting minutes, a Wiltshire Council commentary and contains a range of articles from individual residents.


If you wish to use the website to promote forthcoming (non-regular) Parish-wide events, add a new club/society, add/change responsibilities or contact details, provide more general information, please contact Sarah Betts at


Neighbourhood watch
Take Five
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